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Teeth Whitening

The Surface of a tooth is not as smooth as glass! There are many microscoptic pits and fissures trapping stains from foods and drinks that contact  the teeth in our lifetime .
This discoloration becomes thickened, constantly darkening and like velco picking up staining micro particles. This material attaches tenaciously to the tooth structure deep where they can not be removed . Smoking furthers the teeth staining process. 
To get a THOROUGH WHITENING .. ( Not Just The Surface) These deep stains MUST BE REMOVED. 

The Strips, Trays, etc. may just be a quick fix to a surface stain that goes much deeper and they can not resolve. 

  • Quasar - is the solution to the deeper non- reachable  discoloration.
  • The surfactant Nascent Oxygen relased is in a condensed form penetrating all the above hard to reach areas binding to the organic stain, breaking their tenaciously leaving the area colorless. The whitening action of the nascent oxygen is the added benefit.

Electron Microscope Slides Of The Surface Of Our Teeth In Different Stages.

Quarsar Lite
2-3 Shades In One Office Visit.


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