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Dental Implants

 Fellow Of The International Congress Of Oral Implantologists

 Dental Implants 
30 Years of Implant Placements

I graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in 1979, Prior to going to Temple School of Dental Medicine  where I earned  my degree in 1984.

In Dental School, I had the unique opportunity to work with, and was asked to be associated with after graduation, to one of the early pioneers of Dental Implants, who I and many other dentists feel is the "Father of Dental Implantology".

"We are born with two sets of teeth. If needed we can have a third hopefully looking and functioning the way we wanted them to in the first place." 

DENTAL  IMPLANTS ARE A GAME CHANGER: While in dental school I learned from one of the early Pioneers of Dental Implantology  that Dentistry was more than just " drill and fill" ( I always hated going to the Dentist myself). After 30  years of providing dental  care I realized  it is an art for the restoration of normal oral function , aesthetics and elimination of social insecurity. I feel " Physiologically" the roots of our teeth go all the way to the brain and directly affect our self image! Look at a persons eyes when they are complimented with a great smile!!!!!

Ancient Egyptians tried dental implantation using extracted human teeth and the Aztecs tried teeth shaped precious stones. TODAY we use medical grade Titanium.  To prevent social insecurity and regaining lost chewing function implants may be the answer. Please call my office at any time and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Yesterday                                                                Today





Patient have lower teeth removed due to periodontal disease. 
Implants were placed to provide the proper foundation for the FIXED BRIDGE.



Patient wore a lower denture for 10 years. "The denture keeps falling out  when I eat and talk and I taste denture adhesive when ever I do try to eat". Blade Implants were placed and the patient have a FIXED BRIDGE  the same day.



Patient lost upper left front tooth due to an accident. A single Implant was placed and the proper esthetics and function restored.


Some Questions Asked:

  • Are implants as strong natural teeth?
  • How long does it take for an implant to heal and will an implant last as long as a natural tooth?
  • Will I have the same sensation when I chew food with implants?
  • How strong are titanium implants?
  • What is a blade implant and are they as good as a screw implant?
  • In I can not have regular implants how is bone added so that I can?
  • What are Mini-implants?
  • What is a minimally invasive implant?
  • Can I have a implant placed the same day of tooth extraction?
  • Can a implant fail?
  • Are implants cleaned like normal teeth?


Screw Type Implants
Supporting Crowns.


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